You Have a Voice!

Teens Against Gun Violence (TAGV) is an advocacy group founded by local teens, Granville Kaynor, Lizzie Redd, Fleming Redd and Talley Hodges, in the aftermath of a shooting that left Granville Kaynor’s father fight for his life and after the tragic school shootings in Newtown, CT. Startled into a new level of awareness by these tragedies, the founders knew they wanted to do something to stop the violence in this country. United in their determination to take action, they started this organization. They also partner with youth groups to help those who have been directly affected by gun violence, including cohosting a New Year’s Resolution Party focused on making positive choices. They are planning MLK Day screenings of a documentary, ‘Shell Shocked’, addressing gun violence, in hopes of garnering more awareness of the issue. The co-founders had no idea that the tragedies of a year ago would lead them down this new path, but they are grateful that they did. It has been deeply satisfying to work with other teenagers to seek solutions and positive change in our community.

Will You Join Us?

The facts are shocking:
      • 35,000 Americans die every year from gunshot wounds. THREE THOUSAND OF THOSE Americans¬†are teens.
      • Gun homicide is the leading cause of death in black teenagers (aged 15-19), and the second leading cause of death in white teens of the same age group.
      • 8 children die EVERY DAY from gunshot wounds; 47 per day are injured.
      • Teens use guns at an alarming rate: 86% of homicides committed by teens involved a firearm.(source: Children’s Defense Fund and Child’s Trend Data Bank)

This violence is preventable, and YOU can make a difference!